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Taking your presentations to the next level is a must these days. Rapidly advancing rendering technologies have given designers such as myself new ways of cost effectively creating more immersive and engaging presentation content. This in turn results not only in more powerful remote presentations but face to face presentations as well. An example of these  technologies are as follows:

- Virtual Trade Show Booths

Tradeshow cancelled? No problem, exhibit virtually! Let me create your tradeshow booth from scratch or simply supply me with an existing design and I will create a powerful and immersive desktop web VR experience that your "attendees" can interact with. Examples may include product information, Web-linking, downloadable .pdf's etc. 

- Image Rendering

Advanced photo-realistic renderings of any design from any perspective with output in any file format desired. i.e. .jpeg, .tiff, .png, 

- 2D .pdf Binders 

The simple and Traditional way of creating a remote presentation

via email by presenting a muli-page .pdf 

- 3D .pdf's

3D .pdf's give the viewer the ability to rotate a design all within a .pdf document.

- Animations

The ability to create fly-throughs and walk-throughs.. This allows the viewer to have a more comprehensive understanding on elements such as flooring, lighting, laminates, and any other relevant materials. It additionally gives the viewer a better understanding of the exhibit space


- Virtual Reality

This content may be created in a number of ways and it depends on how you intend to present. Content may be viewed via ones desktop or with VR Goggles for a full immersive experience.

- Augmented Reality

See how your models will look, fit, and feel in a space in Scaled or Real-time 1:1 scale immersion via your phone or Tablet.. 

360° Photo Creation

360° Photos may be rendered and uploaded to the web to allow the user a single point 360° perspective of a space.

- 360° Facebook Image Integration

Upload a 360° rendered images to Facebook and engage social media users

- 360° Web Photo Grid

360° Grid Technology is a smart and simple way to show a design with multiple 360° renders connected to each other which allows moving between them to insure full coverage of an entire design.

- Webpage Presentations

With all the aforementioned technologies, I have the ability to integrate all these technologies into a custom webpage. Simply forward your client a password protected link and let the design speak for itself. 

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