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I'm Kyle C. Miller, Custom Exhibit Designer.

I design remarkable 3D branded physical and virtual environments.

Looking to take your 3D Branded Environment to the next level? Lets connect and make it happen. For over 20 years I have provided premium design services to a variety of clients looking to create spectacular 3D spaces. No 3D space is the same and each has its limitations and challenges  So what type of 3D spaces do I create? While there is no definitive answer to that, some typical examples include:




























Let go Virtual! With current modern day challenges going virtual only makes sense, especially in the Trade Show industry. Showcase your Trade Show Exhibit virtually on your website year-round and allow customers to interact with showcased products and services through video, web-links, downloadable .pdf's, and more. Learn more here: 360° Presentations

  • Custom Trade Show Exhibits

  • Custom Exhibit Rentals

  • Modular Exhibits

  • Branded Interiors

  • Retail Environments

  • Set Design

  • Sales POP Kiosks

  • Museum Exhibits

  • Semi-Permanent/Permanent Exhibit Installations

  • Corporate Events/Design/Layout

  • Visitor Centers

  • Custom Semi Trailer Interiors

  • Conceptual Environments

  • Environmental Graphic Design

  • Wayfinding Signage

  • Outdoor Mobil Marketing

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